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When To Hit Yard Sales

There’s no tried and true formula for when the best time to hit sales during the day is, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when you go to decide.First, obey the sale rules! It’s just common courtesy: if a sale starts at 9, don’t show up at 7 and expect to be greeted with open arms. Many people who make a living off from yard sale-ing will try to beat everyone else to the punch, and while you might be welcomed, more often than not you’ll start your experience with the seller off on the wrong foot.

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Within the time frame of the sale though, when is the best time to go? The conventional wisdom is that going earlier is better, particularly if you’re targeting specific items that you want. This will give you the widest selection to choose from. Keep in mind as well though that there are some deals to be made later in the day, when a seller may lower prices to get rid of items.

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