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Winterize: How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Your foundation. Remove all debris from around your house’s foundation, including all vegetation growing around it. Visually inspect the foundation and seal up any cracks, holes, or other entry points that mice and other critters can get into. As mentioned previously, if you have a basement with windows, think about getting plastic covers for the window wells to keep out debris, snow, water, and animals. If you have a crawlspace, make sure all access points to it are sealed.

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Your landscaping. Your house is looking pretty good, but don’t forget to winterize your property as well. First, put everything – from potted plants to chairs – away. If you don’t want it hanging around outside this winter, put it away now. Pick a nice day and seal everything, from driveways and walkways to brick patios and wooden decks.

Put your garden to bed for the winter, and remove any bulbs from your flower beds that cannot handle the cold (ex. dahlias, gladiolas). Fall is a great time to trim trees, so add that to the list. Trim limbs that are hanging too close to the house, threatening windows, getting too cozy with electrical wires, or overhanging your driveway. Prune fruit trees, and apply wrapping to the trunks to protect them against freezing and critters.

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  1. JamiB says:

    I’m sitting here plugging up every hole I can find around my windows and doors and didn’t even think to make sure the furnace was optimized for winter. Programmable thermostat ordered and calling the furnace guy to set up an appointment when the rest of the world wakes up. Great winterization guide, thanks!


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