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Your Trash a Source for Gardening Items

Take recycling to the gardening level.We mentioned in another tip how you could reuse plastic containers (sour cream containers, cut-off soda bottles, etc.) in the garden as containers for starting plants. Don’t stop there though! Seriously take a look at what you are throwing out and try to imagine a use for it in the garden.

That broken broom handle or scrap of dowel? Stake up a tomato plant. An old cushion or padded kitchen chair seat? Give your knees a rest while weeding.

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Recycling items to use in your garden can pay off by increasing your gardening yield or just making it easier for you to garden. You will also cut down on what you pay to have your garbage hauled away, and you will be helping the environment by cutting down on what goes into a landfill.

You’ll probably also have the funkiest-looking garden in town.

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