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How is Zillow different from other real estate sites out there?

Simply put, many other sites provide information in a “read-only” format; we at Zillow have opened it up for everyone to come and “write to the site” by sharing information, asking questions, and engaging in a dialogue. This give-and-take then becomes part of that home’s unique history and database of information in which everyone can take part – owners, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. Think of it as a virtual real estate forum where everyone gathers and participates.

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Consumers have asked to be empowered with real estate information and data and we have provided it. But, that doesn’t mean real estate professionals have less of a role. Rather, they are just as critical in the home transaction process as ever. In fact, real estate professionals will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in a much broader way, reaching more buyers and sellers since information about their services, style, and experience can be freely accessed before millions of Zillow visitors.

This is our concept: to become a trusted, vibrant online real estate hub where everyone comes to get an edge in real estate. We hope you come, too!

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